How to Host a Holiday Craft Party

Celebrate your love of crafts and the holiday season by hosting a unique holiday craft party. Making crafts in a group setting is not only an excellent way to connect with craft loving friends, it’s the perfect time to make handmade gifts or cards for the holidays.

Because there are so many options for hosting a holiday craft party, you’ll need to work out craft-related details first. Once figured out, make plans as you would any party. Wood Craft Valley

Decide type of craft project(s)

The crafts you host at your party will influence other decisions. Consider these factors:

Type of crafts you are familiar with

Craft supplies on hand that can be used by guests

Cost of any supplies that must be purchased

Skill level and interests of guests

Whether supplies will be provided by guests

One craft project created by all attendees vs. a variety of craft projects

Holiday-specific or not

Plan your holiday craft party

Now that you have worked out the craft project details, plan the rest of your party.

Space and work areas. Based on type of crafts, figure out what kind of work surface is needed and how much space you have available in your home. Guests may need to be divided between rooms to accommodate crafting needs. Another option is to use a community space such as the library, a church, or the rec center. Be aware a fee may be charged. Wood Craft Valley

Guest number. How many people can comfortably fit in your crafting area? Adequate work surfaces make this type of event more enjoyable. Guests that are too cramped often won’t finish craft projects.

Time. Afternoon or evening, week day or weekend. A few hours, or a marathon event. This depends on type and number of craft projects, whether your guests are beginners or veterans, child care issues, and if mealtimes are involved.

Date. Since this party is focused on the holidays, pick a date that is early enough for guests to make gifts or cards. Also be aware that the holiday party season begins right after Thanksgiving, so plan accordingly.

Food and beverages. For the most budget-conscious host, a potluck works well. Ask guests to bring dishes to share. Decide whether light appetizers are adequate or a full meal is needed, or create a theme such as Christmas treats or crackers and cheeses from around the world. Provide a variety of beverages. Go with the usual fare of tea and lemonade, or celebrate the season with hot drinks like spiced cider and cocoa. Consider fun mixed drink options like a martini bar.

Invitations. Be crafty and make your own, send an email, or use an online invitation service, but be sure to invite guests at least three weeks ahead of your party date. This gives them time to gather craft supplies, make child care arrangements, and plan potluck foods. Ask for an RSVP so that if a spot at a craft table opens up, you have time to invite another guest.

More tips for your holiday craft party

If you plan on guests all making the same craft project, make one ahead of time and then be prepared to demonstrate how to do it.

If guests are bringing their own tools like scissors or glue, ask everyone to label their supplies ahead of time – including you.

Food and crafts don’t always mix well, so consider establishing a time to enjoy the goodies so that craft projects don’t get ruined.

Play a selection of holiday music to help make the mood more festive.

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